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Chris McCreary is an actor, writer, director, and educator who has worked throughout the United States including Los Angeles, Dallas, New York City, Iowa City, Knoxville, and now Sewanee, TN. Through multiple mediums his work focuses on being of service through story.


Chris holds an MFA in Directing from Brooklyn College; as well as a BFA in Theatre Studies from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. While working in Dallas the theatre company he co-founded House Party Theatre won "Best New Theatre Company 2015". He is a graduate of the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles ('14). He received the 2011 Garland Wright Award for Directing from SMU. He currently lives in Sewanee, TN with his wife and four pets. 


My work enables people who otherwise would never cross paths to come to a space and share an experience together. This shared experience immediately provides tangible common ground and makes it harder for people to cut themselves off from one another while also challenging the systems and structures designed to keep us apart. In every discipline my work strives to entertain while raising thought-provoking and emotionally charged questions about our place in the world and our connection and responsibilities to one another as humans. 

I believe it is an artist's job to be of service. Like running water or internet access, I believe art is a utility essential for human life to exist and prosper. Artists use their inherent talents and practiced craft to provide opportunities for communities to face themselves, to understand the evils of the world, to appreciate the good in ourselves and one another. My goal in all artistic pursuits is to underline that life is worth living and we are worth loving. 


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